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Full-fledged French course that can enjoy seasonal ingredients All 6 dishes 6,000 yen 120 minutes with all-you-can-drink (including raw and spark)

Full-fledged French course that can enjoy seasonal ingredients All 6 dishes 6,000 yen 120 minutes with all-you-can-drink (including raw and spark)

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  • 6items
  • 2-40persons
All-you-can-drink available

All-you-can-drink for 20 minutes (LO 20 minutes before) with 10 carefully selected paired wines, including draft beer, as well as about 40 cocktails, shochu, whiskey and soft drinks.

Reservation deadline
Two days before 22 o'clock before the desired store date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

A chef who has 25 years of experience in a French restaurant and has a confidence to create a full course of 6 dishes! "A selection of 3 carefully selected meats, such as the most carefully selected Wagyu and Ezo venison," etc. Anniversary and celebration So of course you can also be satisfied with groups.Includes 2 hours free drink with 10 carefully selected pairing wines!

Course menu

<6 items> Authentic French course of carefully selected meat dishes, foie gras and seafood

◆ Scallop carpaccio with blue cheese and mango

~ Thick scallops with salty blue cheese and sweet mango flavor ♪

◆ Foie gras terrine with fruit chutney

~ Smoothly tailored foie gras terrine is a perfect match between chutney and spices with concentrated fruit.

◆ Burdock potage made with cappuccino

~ Under the layer of fluffy cappuccino milk, there is a rich taste of burdock potage.

◆ Angou and Ann liver risotto Crustacean flavor

~ Heavy harmony of creamy cheese-flavored risotto, sautéed anglerfish, umami liver flavor, and fragrant crustacean sauce ♪

◆ Assorted carefully selected meats

~ Carefully select the best three kinds of meat of the day from the game, Hokkaido beef, etc., and provide them with the optimal cooking method!

◆ Today's pastry special dessert

~ Today's dessert by pastry chef with a star restaurant experience.

* The course content will be enforced from February 17 (Mon).

・ A selection of 10 recommended pairing wines brought to the table

120 minutes of all-you-can-drink including a popular cocktail for women !! (20 minutes before last toaster)

* Groups can rent a private room-style restaurant floor with sparkling chandeliers by consulting the number of people!

* Some contents are subject to change depending on purchasing / preparing situation.Please note.

* Depending on the store / reservation situation, we may guide you to a seat different from the designated one.Please acknowledge it beforehand.

[Reservation cancellation fee]

・ 1 ~ 4 people

On the day: \ 4,500

・ 5 people or more

From the day to 3 days before: \ 4,500

All-you-can-drink menu

・ 10 kinds of very popular paired wines
・ We offer wines from various countries, from sweet wines that are gentle on women to authentic dry wines and slightly unusual wines! Refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, classical French wines, versatile Italian wines, and more!
·draft beer
・ Sapporo Classic Barrel * Our shop dares to increase the gas pressure and offer a beer with a good throat!
-About 20 types such as cassis base, peach base, aperol base, gin base etc are available!
・ Suntory Tris
· Shochu
・ Various types of shochu high and sour are also available!
·Soft drink
・ Orange chus ・ Grapefruit juice ・ Jinshire ale ・ Cola ・ Oolong tea
· Sparkling
・ Selected sparkling wine

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