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[Popular No1] Luxury course to enjoy Shiraoi beef and mussels including autumn All 6 dishes & 120 minutes draft beer wine all-you-can-drink 5000 yen

[Popular No1] Luxury course to enjoy Shiraoi beef and mussels including autumn All 6 dishes & 120 minutes draft beer wine all-you-can-drink 5000 yen

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All-you-can-drink available

All-you-can-drink for 120 minutes with 10 popular selections of mariage wine (LO 20 minutes before) Draft beer, as well as about 40 kinds of cocktails, shochu, whiskey and soft drinks are available.

Reservation deadline
Until 15 o'clock on the desired date of visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

[Pride of meat dishes] Shiraoi beef and carefully selected meat dishes of the day "Assorted carefully selected 3 types of beef" and the No.1 repeat rate of "Muscle white wine steamed" are plentiful! Three kinds of risotto made with soup of soup! Desserts made by pastry chefs!2 hours free drink with over 10 kinds of wine!

Course menu

<6 items in total> “Luxury course to enjoy autumn including Shiraoi beef and mussels”

◆ Grogo-ro fall vegetables quiche with sliced beef bowl

~ It is a stick that combines a quiche with plenty of root vegetables that feel autumn and a fried beef bowl with a texture that turns into a bowl ♪

◆ Marinated cucumber marinated broccoli puree and passion fruit harmony

~ Fresh savory marinade of natural yellowtail with fat.Smooth broccoli puree and sweetness of passion fruit enhances your appetite.

◆ Aperitif specialty

~ The most popular menu for aperitif immobility!

◆ Assortment of 3 carefully selected Wagyu beef

~ Assortment of 3 kinds of luxurious Japanese beef dishes using soft Shiraoi beef with a rich flavor unique to Japanese beef.We are particular about how to grill, and the chef's technique constrains the flavor to the maximum in the meat!

◆ Risotto made with mussels soup with 3 flavors

~ You can choose from the following three flavors! <Genoa sauce of tomato, cream and large leaves>

◆ Special dessert of Fukui pastry chef

~ Seasonal special dessert delivered by Fukui pastry chef with restaurant experience with stars ♪

* Groups can rent private chandelier-style restaurant floors after consulting the number of people!

※ Some contents may be changed.Please note.

※ For cancellation on the day, we will charge ¥ 3500 per person.

※ Depending on the situation of the store / reservation, it may be possible to guide you to a different seat.Please acknowledge it beforehand.

All-you-can-drink menu

・ Selected 10 pairing wines of great popularity
・ We offer a wide range of wines, from sweet wines that are gentle to women, to authentic dry wines and slightly different wines!
·draft beer
· Sapporo Classic Tarusei ※ Our shop dare to increase the gas pressure, offers a good beer over the throat!
・ We prepare approximately 20 kinds including cassis base peach base aperol base gin base!
・ Suntory Tris
· Shochu
・ A variety of 酎 high ・ sour is also available!
·Soft drink
・ Orange succe ・ Grapefruit juice ・ Jinsha ale ・ cola ・ oolong tea

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